Eric Collins

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Meet The Money Maker, AKA Eric Collins, the CEO of Impact X Capital Partners. He’s equipped with business acumen and his own money to invest in British businesses who need his help.

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EPISODE 01 Prymo

Eric heads to Manchester, investing in a construction company and collaborating on an ingenious training scheme.


EPISODE 02 The Sussex Kitchen

Eric visits a bread-making company a month away from going bankrupt, inspiring them to pivot online.


EPISODE 03 Winny's Meals

Eric's in Birmingham, helping a local business prepare to pitch to major supermarket chains.


EPISODE 04 Trim-It

This week Eric's investing in and coaching a group of entrepreneurs preparing to pitch their unique app.



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Funding the undiscovered, creating the extraordinary, impacting the world

Impact X supports underrepresented entrepreneurs across Europe, providing access to industry experts and strategic resources.

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Impact X

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